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Before reaching the banks of the watercourse and joining to cross the riverbed, the paths of “The Braided Valley” rise up in a Y-shape forming two footbridges.<br />
«La vall trenada»
Elx (Spain), 2013
A braided network of paths and footbridges have transformed the bed of the Vinalopó River into a linear park that re-stitches together the neighbourhoods through which it passes, connecting them with natural spaces to the north of the city.
The <em>Grande Ombrière</em> a rectangular canopy of 1,000 m2, protects pedestrians on the <em>Quai des Belges</em> from the sun, and can also be used for large crowd-pulling events.<br />
Rénovation du Vieux-Port
Marseille (France), 2013
The renovation of the Old Port clears the docks of visual and architectural barriers, thus making the presence of leisure boats compatible with access for all citizens and their recreational activities.
© Adolf Bereuter<br />
Islamic Cemetery
Altach (Austria), 2012
The construction of a cemetery apt for Muslim rites meets the requirements of a very considerable minority, enabling many immigrants to bury their dead in the land where they have settled.
© Sue Barr<br />
Opening of Rainham Marshes
London (United Kingdom), 2014
A peripheral area of surprisingly well conserved natural richness has been made accessible to Londoners so that they will discover it, learn to love it and protect it from the probable depredations of urban sprawl.
© Krista Muurinen
"Baana": pedestrian and bicycle corridor
Helsinki (Finland), 2012
A deep railway cutting which slices through the urban fabric has been converted into a pedestrian and bicycle corridor in a resource-saving collaborative process that also respects the memory of an industrial past.
<br />
Teatre «La Lira»
Ripoll (Spain), 2012
A porch and a footbridge give new life to an empty space left by the demolition of an old theatre, shaping a frame for a view of the mountains and opening up a gateway to the old town centre.