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public space: European Prize for Urban Public Space
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New Lift to the Old City Centre
Gironella (Spain), 2015 | FINALIST 2016
A lift links the modern extension and medieval centre of town, the latter of which had been condemned to social isolation and depopulation.
Three Clearings in the Forest
Uster (Switzerland), 2014 | FINALIST 2016
The subtle opening up of three circular clearings in a forest offers nature in the wild to people using a new footpathon the outskirts of the city.
Renovation of "Promenada"
Velenje (Slovenia), 2014 | FINALIST 2016
The construction of an amphitheater and a bridge over the river Paka transforms an old pedestrian pathway into a civic axis that connects the city centre with its natural surroundings.

10 awards: cities and voices (16)

City: Zadar
The sea organ situated in the new marine parade of the Zadar peninsula succeeded in revitalizing an area that, although its natural beauty and privileged sunset, had been forgotten and unvisited by either city habitants and tourists.
Voice: Saskia Sassen
“Public space is a place in which there is a momentary condition of equality”
The Dutch-American sociologist speaks about the social expulsions of the system and says that the street should be taken over by pedestrians: deritualising the public space of mega-cities in the face of their increasing overdetermination.
City: Ljubljana
Ljubljana is an example among those cities which, over the past few decades, have joined the movement in Europe for recovering public spaces. To be highlighted particular is the Rearrangement of Ljubljanica riverbanks, joint winner of the 2012 Award.

News (418)

The 2018 International Jury Meets at the CCCB
The nine members of the International Jury of the tenth edition of the European Prize for Urban Public Space are meeting on the 18 and 19 April at the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) to evaluate the 279 submitted works.
179 European cities in favour of public space
Entries for the 2018 Prize combine to offer an outstanding representation of cities which endorse public space as an essential aspect of urban improvement.
"Polis. 7 lessons of the European Prize for Urban Public Space" to be exhibited in Budaörs
The exhibition "Polis. 7 lessons of the European Prize for Urban Public Space" travels to Budaörs, after its time in Budapest. It will open Friday 13 April and will be shown along a series on the processes of urbanistic planning in Europe