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Water square
Rotterdam (Netherlands), 2013
A once-empty, monotonous square now holds three large rainwater collection ponds which, when the weather is dry, can be used as amphitheatres, basketball and volleyball courts, or skateboarding rinks.
Market porch
Gent (Belgium), 2012
A public porch with a highly representative roof is a venue for the weekly market and large-scale events, while also returning to the historic city centre the dense, complex structure it had lost during the twentieth century.

Shared Spaces

«The defence of public space is basic in an increasingly urban world»
Interview with Josep Ramoneda
Shared Spaces speaks with Josep Ramoneda, philosopher, journalist and director of the CCCB from 1994 to 2011.


OpenWalls Conference 2014
22/10/2014 - 26/10/2014 | CCCB, Bau, Espai Jove Boca Nord (Barcelona)
The second OpenWalls Conference (OWC), a festival of urban art aiming to bring street art closer to society and to encompass artists, institutions and local residents, will be held this month.


The resilience of architecture: what's next?
On 29th October 2014, the Finnish Pavilion in the Venice Biennale will host a debate between Juulia Kauste and Anssi Lassila, who will discuss if makers are still a determining factor of cultural value despite the current tendencies towards abstraction and globalization.
City, houses and public spaces
The Italian blog «La cità vista dallo spazio» publishes an article that wonders about the meaning of public space in order to avoid the risk of planning spaces that will be public in name only.