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The square is connected with Ripple Road, the borough’s main shopping area, by way of an arcade illuminated by chandeliers and tiled with black and white terrazzo paving slabs that hark back to London’s magnificent Edwardian houses.
Barking Town Square
London (United Kingdom), 2008
New town square in the suburb of Barking.
There is a passageway running through the angle of the lower structure, dividing it into two perpendicular wings and giving access to the only corner of the square that is not in contact with a road.
Innsbruck (Austria), 2006
A new square and new multifunctional building located between two residential estates of the Innsbruck Olympic villages.
Details of the photographs exhibited
Other People's Photographs
Folkestone (United Kingdom), 2008
An artistic intervention that brings together collective memory by means of an exhibition of personal photographs taken in public space.
The timber battens evoke the archetypical medieval palisade
Torre del Homenaje
Huéscar (Spain), 2007
New public lookout built over the ruins of a medieval watch tower.