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The High Street crosses the motorway at the level of the covered square
Zaanstadt (Netherlands), 2005
Layout for the space covered by motorway A8, in the historic centre of Koog aan de Zaan.
The section of the flight of steps makes it a perfect grandstand for watching the sunset over the sea and the outline of the neighbouring island of Ugljan, while listening to the musical compositions played by the sea itself.
Morske orgulje
Zadar (Croatia), 2005
Sea organ on the new marine parade of the Zadar peninsula.
The aim of the Volkspalast imitative was to bring about a change of paradigm in the debate: instead of arguing about the facade of one building or the other they should focus on the use to be given to the place.
ZwischenPalastNutzung / «Volkspalast»
Berlin (Germany), 2005
A citizen platform takes the Palace of the Republic, former parliament of the GDR, in order to turn it into an experimental cultural center until it is not demolished to be replaced by a former baroque castle.
Each chair is fixed to the ground by a small, slightly elevated metal platform which makes it float on the paving.
Plac Bohaterów Getta
Kraków (Poland), 2005
Refurbishment of a square in memory of the victims of the Krakow Ghetto.
The white carpet falls from the level of San Quirico church, forming a great flight of steps and, on reaching the lower level, reserves a small platform before folding back on itself to form a bench.
Piazza Nera Piazza Bianca
Robbiano (Italy), 2005
New layout of the space in front of two churches in the historic centre of Robbiano.