Jan Gehl
With an Arts Degree and a Doctorate in Architecture from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts
He is presently profesor of Urban Design at the School of Architecture of this institution.
He has been a visiting professor at the universities of Edinburgh, Vilnius, Oslo, Toronto, Melbourne and Berkeley, inter alia. He has also been an urban adviser for several cities in Europe, Australia and the Far East and he is a founding member of Architects-Urban Quality Consultants, a consulting company working in the domains of design and planning urban public space in Copenhagen. Notable among his publications are Nuevos espacios urbanos (New Urban Spaces – Gustavo Gili, 2002, with Lars Gemzøe) and La humanización del espacio urbano: la vida social entre los edificios (The Humanisation of Urban Space: Social Life among the Buildings – Reverté, 2006).

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