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The architectural structures that form part of the recuperated landscape of the park equip it for collective use
Recuperación del Cauce y Riberas del Río Gállego
Zuera (Spain), 2001
New park and riverside walks, enviromental reforms and town planning in Zuera.
Group of young people working on the construction of the eart-packed wall in the new park.
Stadtteilpark Reudnitz
Leipzig (Germany), 2002
New city park on land of the former Eilenburg railway station and reorganization of traffic in the surrounding areas.
New accessibility to the riverbed after environmental improvements have been made to the riverside zone means that this space has been recovered for walking and leisure
Recuperació Mediambiental del Tram Final del Llit del Riu Besòs [1a fase]
Barcelona (Spain), 2000
New park and riverside walk in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona.
Image of one of the installations of the new Skatepark in Westblaak Avenue.
Westblaak Skatepark
Rotterdam (Netherlands), 2001
New public park in the central space of Westblaak Avenue.
Photographic detail of one of the remodelled public spaces after the completion of the project that brought about overall improvement in the district.
Programa de Reabilitação Urbana da Marinha de Silvalde
Espinho (Portugal), 2002
Project to reform the seaside district of Espinho, general planning of public space, restoration of buildings and environmental improvement in the seashore area.