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City: Leipzig

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The Eilenberg Station, which is located in Leipzig's graphic arts district – the heartland of the German publishing world – was used between 1874 and 1942 for local and long-distance railway transport. After its destruction during the World War II, the abandoned site was surrounded by a fence that concealed a locomotive shed, former housing for railway employees and some sections of the surrounding wall. An esplanade, no longer in use and dotted by these obsolete structures coexisted with an interurban heating pipe that crossed the whole area. The residential neighbourhoods around the old Station, with a great number of empty dwellings, were severely lacking in open spaces.

From the 1990s on, the residents of the neighbourhood of Reudnitz, along with the local administration, began a process of trying to find formulas to improve their conditions of life in the district. The aims they wished to achieve, arising from participatory forums and workshops including residents, entities and municipal government representatives, crystallised definitively around a plan for the urbanisation and cleaning up of the whole sector, showing the boundaries of the different areas to be remodelled and defining the activities to be carried out with regard to public space.

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