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«A space only destined to consumption is not a public space»

Interview with Catherine Malabou

[Lenght: 00:01:42 | Language: English]

Catherine Malabou is a French Philosopher currently working as a teacher in the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP) at the University of Kingston, in England. Malabou was interviewed for Shared Spaces with the occasion of the conference titled «Love, Sex, Brain» that she pronounced the 18 December 2013 at the Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB).

During the interview, Catherine highlighted the importance for the public space to have a theoretical function. In other words, public spaces have to contribue in bringing a critical point of view about specific issues and problematics. In other words, if a space is only designed for commercial and consumption purposes, it can not be considered, by definition, a public space.

At the end of the interview, Catherine is asked about her favorite public space. The French Philosopher chooses a Classroom, as she considers that a public space should be aimed at promoting participation instead of the idea of performance. Thus, public space is a place where the Greek concept of θεωρία, or theoria, is very important. According to its very own meaning, a space that embraces the idea of the theoria is the one in which everyone is taken into account and can participate, in opposition to a performance or show.