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The section Periscope brings together links for websites with information concerning public space and the city, including the publication of books, articles and opinion pieces, seminars and lectures, and calls for entries in competitions or for prizes, among other themes. This overview of the general background of the European Prize for Urban Public Space aims to identify the most significant issues pertaining to public space and its most outstanding agents around the world.
  • davidbravoconfehabitatquito2_1.jpg

    “We Have to Politicize Our Judgment of Urban Transformation”

    Interview with David Bravo, architect and CCCB associate, on the occasion of Habitat III, the third international conference on Housing and Sustainable Development, held in Quito in October 2016. He discusses the right to housing, the need to democratize cities, and taking a critical stance in the discussion about the so-called smart cities.
  • neighborhood-design-health-walking2_1.jpg

    Urban Design Is Also Responsible for the Health of City Dwellers

    A study carried out in 14 cities of ten countries around the world and published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet has demonstrated that good urban design contributes substantially to public health in cities and, accordingly, reduces the pandemic effects of physical inactivity and its associated illnesses among urban dwellers.
  • biciscopenhaguen2_1.jpg

    Bike traffic has finally beaten car traffic

    In September, for the first time ever, more people entered the city of Copenhagen by bike than by car. Good bike infrastructure makes all the difference. If you protect people from cars, so that riding is as easy and natural and safe as walking, then people will choose bikes.
  • richardrogers2_1.jpg

    "When Public Space Is Eroded, Our Civic Culture Suffers, Even Our Democracy"

    The British architect Richard Rogers joins CNN Style as guest editor. He'll be commissioning feature stories on a subject he describes as close to his heart: the democratization of public space.
  • ciudadmeridiana2_1.png

    The Imaginary City

    This is the title of a documentary project on the Ciutat Meridiana housing estate in Barcelona. This historic tour through the neighbourhood is an occasion to reflect on peripheral urban spaces, the concept of a house, and policies associating housing with property as market value which does not envision other ways of living.
  • cicloactivistessanjoscostaricad.jpg

    The Vigilante Cyclists of San José: "Civil Society Has to Be a Trailblazer"

    Tired of government bureaucracy and traffic jams, activists in Costa Rica’s capital are solving the city’s transport problems themselves: painting crossings, funding research and even building green infrastructure.
  • paris_citizen_gardening.jpg

    Paris Allows Residents to Plant Urban Gardens All Over the City

    Whether it’s a façade, a roof or a watering basin, any space can be turned into an orchard or urban garden, with the goal of adding 100 hectares of green space to the city by 2020. This is exactly what the Paris City Council is proposing thanks to recently approved legislation that allows residents to plant gardens all over the city.
  • save_polish_women.jpg

    Solidarność Square hosts #SavePolishWomen protests

    The Solidarność Square in Szczecin, Joint Winner in 2016, has been a scenario of massive protests that have flooded Poland during last week. Thousands of women have boycotted work and, dressed in black and under the slogan #SavePolishWomen, they have taken the streets in protest against a plan to ban abortions.
  • in_the_end_architecture.jpg

    "In the End: Architecture"

    To mark the retirement of founding director Dietmar Steiner, the Architekturzentrum Wien (Az W) is an exhibition that takes a look at sixty years of international architecture history while making current, inspiring movements for change palpable.
  • if_you_dont_have_organised_movements_segregation_gets_worse.jpg

    "If You Don't Have Organised Movements, Segregation Gets Worse"

    Kathrin Golda-Pongratz interviewed Teresa Caldeira during the international conference Contested Cities about the importance of urban policies to adress big capital and gentrification processes. [Video | English]
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