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The section Periscope brings together links for websites with information concerning public space and the city, including the publication of books, articles and opinion pieces, seminars and lectures, and calls for entries in competitions or for prizes, among other themes. This overview of the general background of the European Prize for Urban Public Space aims to identify the most significant issues pertaining to public space and its most outstanding agents around the world.
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    The danger of embedded carbon emissions.

    The author of the article exposes the danger of embedded carbon emissions, which are frequently overlooked at the time of calculating the pollution caused by different transport means.
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    Series «Adéu al cotxe!» at the Sala Beckett

    With the cycle “Adéu al cotxe!” (Goodbye Cars!) the Sala Beckett theatre aims to reflect on the need for and possibility of freeing the city of cars, and how to make the most of this transformation to construct a more just, sustainable and agreeable environment.
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    In Defence of Urban Planners of the “Everyday”

    The authors of this article suggest that the profession of urban planning should adapt to territorial complexity and that urban planners should become trailblazers in citizen involvement.
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    Jordi Borja awarded with the 2017 International Geocritica Prize

    Jordi Borja has been awarded the 2017 International Geocritica Prize in recognition of his long career of research into urban problems and citizen engagement.
    Date: 15 February 2018. Assembly hall, Faculty of Geography and History, University of Barcelona

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    Fun Parking Facts

    Parking requirements are the dark matter of the urban universe: they affect transport and land use in mysterious ways.
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    7 Principles for Building Better Cities

    Urban designer Peter Calthorpe is at work planning the cities of the future. He shares seven universal principles for solving sprawl and building smarter, more sustainable cities.
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    New Generations Festival. Architects VS Rest of the World

    After successful events in Milan (2013), Florence (2014) and Genoa (2015), Rome will host the fourth edition of the New Generations festival with the aim of creating a community of architects and experts from different disciplines, in order to redefine the role of architecture in contemporary society.
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    Before and After

    Examples of Public Space transformation from car-oriented to pedestrian friendly. Viewed through google street view.
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    What New York Can Learn from Barcelona’s ‘Superblocks’

    Barcelona’s superblocks are seen as an opportunity for introducing a new kind of urban planning in New York. Initiatives like “Shared Streets” and “Summer Streets” are a step in this direction.
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