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"Europe City" Program

In 2013, the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), together with the Museum of Finnish Architecture (MFA) of Helsinki, the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) (Ljubljana) and The Architecture Foundation (London), worked to produce a joint project based on the European Prize for Urban Public Space. Entitled “Europe City”, the program aims to promote and disseminate by means of reflection and debate a series of exhibitions and encounters of experts which will help to strengthen and promote the democratic values of the cities of the Old Continent.

Related activities:

  • WhatsgoingonatMAOTheKitchenMonumentLiverpool2009raumlaborberlin.jpg

    “What’s going on?”, the New Dynamics of Public Space

    05/08/2014 -05/09/2014 | MAO, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

    This conference, curated by Matevž Čelik, will discuss the impact of contemporary public space practices on urban economy, politics and quality of life.

    "Does Eastern Europe Still Exist?"

    Lecture by Anne Applebaum

    The writer and journalist Anne Applebaum spoke at the CCCB about the old concept of Eastern Europe in a lecture that opened the series "The Idea of Europe".
  • 01_10.jpg

    Presentation of Authors of Prize-Winning Works in the Eighth Award of the Prize

    The authors of the prize-winning works in the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014 meet to talk about their projects.
  • 00_5.JPG

    Barcelona: First Venue of the “Shared Cities” Itinerant Exhibition

    CCCB, Barcelona | 25/04/2014 - 04/06/2014

    The exhibition, which shows the results of the eighth award of the Prize, will be open to the public at the CCCB until 4 June.
  • 11_6.jpg

    Award Ceremony for the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014

    On 25 April the award ceremony for the European Prize for Urban Public Space took place at the CCCB.
  • ERRI20DE20LUCA.jpg

    "Mediterranean, sea of peoples"

    Lecture by Erri de Luca

    The Neapolitan poet and translator Erri de Luca spoke of mixing and promiscuity as a shared heritage of all the Mediterranean peoples in a lecture he gave on 13 March 2014 as part of the Open City cycle.
  • chirbes.jpg

    "Rubble and Progress"

    Lecture by Rafael Chirbes

    The spanish writer Rafael Chirbes returns to the Valencia of his childhood, to render homage to a time preceding property speculation. This lecture was part of the Open City cycle. [Original version in Spanish | Duration: 01:07:44]


    Lecture by Bruce Bégout

    The French philosopher Bruce Bégout explored suburban reality in a talk that eas part of the Open City cycle and which took place on February 24 at the CCCB. [Original version in French | Duration: 01:30]
  • forcano.jpg

    "Translation and the Myth of the Tower of Babel"

    Lecture by Manuel Forcano

    Catalan Philosopher and Poet Manuel Forcano  aims to show how this immense, constantly spreading space is also one of disappearance. This lecture was part of the Open City Cycle. [Original version in Catalan | Duration 01:21:03]
  • segarra.jpg

    "Room, House, Street"

    Lecture by marta Segarra

    Marta Segarra, french philologist and feminist theorist, talks about the concepts of intimate space, private space and public space, if such distinctions still make sense. This lecture was aprt of The Open City Cycle. [Original version in catala
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