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"Europe City" Program

In 2013, the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), together with the Museum of Finnish Architecture (MFA) of Helsinki, the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) (Ljubljana) and The Architecture Foundation (London), worked to produce a joint project based on the European Prize for Urban Public Space. Entitled “Europe City”, the program aims to promote and disseminate by means of reflection and debate a series of exhibitions and encounters of experts which will help to strengthen and promote the democratic values of the cities of the Old Continent.

Related activities:

  • IMG_1284_1.jpg

    Exploration of Public Space in the Residential Area of Fužine

    06/11/2014 | MAO - Museum of Architecture and Design (Ljubljana)

    On 6 November 2014, the MAO (Museum of Architecture and Design) in Ljubljana organised a technical workshop for students aged between 12 and 14 at the Nove Fužine primary school
  • europecity_sisasivu_1.jpg

    Shared Cities: Views from the North

    06/11/2014 | MFA - Museum of Finnish Architecture (Helsinki)

    The notion of public space has many forms and can be viewed differently depending on cultural, geographical and social factors. This seminar, in Helsinki MFA, sets out to explore how urban public space is perceived in northern hemisphere.
  • Sotasetge.jpg

    "Under siege"

    Symposium at the CCCB | 16 September - 3 November

    As a complementary activity to the “Under siege” installation, journalists, researchers and activists will come together in four different sessions to discuss present-day cases of wars and analyse new aspects of the contemporary siege.
  • Szczecin02.jpg

    The “Shared Cities” exhibition opens in the Polish city of Szczecin

    16/10/2014 - 26/10/2014 | Philharmonic Hall of Szczecin

    The exhibition is one of the events of the Eighth Westival – The Art of Architecture. The title of this year’s Westival is “City, a Public Thing”.
  • nancy.JPG

    «The Political and Economic Dimension of the Crisis»

    Debate between Nancy Fraser and Michel Wieviorka

    Nancy Fraser and Michel Wieviorka met at the CCCB to talk about the consequences of the economic crisis which has been dominating the news for the last few years.
  • CEFOTO.jpg

    "The future of European city"

    Debate between Hans Ibelings and Eugeni Bach.

    Hans Ibelings and Eugeni Bach met at the CCCB to talk about the essential features of public space in Europe and in other parts of the world.
  • villes20partagc3a9es20portadabona.jpg

     “Shared Cities” travels to Bordeaux

     City Hall, Bordeaux  | 8/09/2014 - 14/09/2014

    In the framework of the Agora 2014. Biennale d’architecture d’urbanisme et de design, the itinerant exhibition will have its first showing in this city near France’s Atlantic coast
  • europa-cultural-350_1.jpg

    "A Common Culture"

    26/05/2014 | Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB)

    Cecilia Dreymüller, Raül Romeva Rueda and Francesc Serés came to the CCCB to discuss cultural Europe and its shared values.
  • OWENJONES_1.jpg

    "Who has power, today?"

    Lecture by Owen Jones

    Owen Jones recently visited the CCCB to speak about the situation of social injustice that has been imposed on European citizens and strategies that should make it possible to rectify matters.
  • GONCALO-TAVARES-petita_2.jpg

    "Cities and Travel, sources of Europe"

    Lecture by Gonçalo M. Tavares

    Gonçalo M. Tavares spoke about Europe today and the prevailing forces governing the lives of its citizens.
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