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"Europe City" Program

In 2013, the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB), together with the Museum of Finnish Architecture (MFA) of Helsinki, the Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) (Ljubljana) and The Architecture Foundation (London), worked to produce a joint project based on the European Prize for Urban Public Space. Entitled “Europe City”, the program aims to promote and disseminate by means of reflection and debate a series of exhibitions and encounters of experts which will help to strengthen and promote the democratic values of the cities of the Old Continent.

Related activities:

  • Untitled-3copy.jpg

    Miami, next station of "Shared Cities" exhibition.

    18/06/2015 - 18/08/2015 | AIA Miami (Miami Downtown)

    The Miami Center for Architecture and Design inaugurates the exhibition Shared Spaces. European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014, also presenting Miami Foundation’s 2014 Public Space Challange winners.
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    Conferences: "The Future of Urbanism"

    15/05/2015 | Museum of Architecture and Design (Ljubiana)

    Due to the 120th anniversary of the Ljubianan first modern urban plan, by Max Fabiani, lectures about the challenges of urbanism in the future have been held in MAO during the May 15.
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    Interviews with Nordic Architects about Public Space

    Interviews with nine Nordic architects about their conception of public space.

    On the occasion of the activites held in the framework of “Europe City” programm, the Museum of Finnish Architecture (MFA) in Helsinki recorded interviews with nine Nordic architects about their conception of public space.
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    From Courtyard to City: The Scales of Politics

    Inner Yard | Marika Pecháčková | Studio FAMU | Czech Republic, 2014 | 00:33:41 | Czech > English

    The discussions among a group of residents about removing the fences around separate gardens in the interior space of their block constitute a metaphor for the everyday problems of coexistence in the city.
  • EndofSuburbia00.jpg

    Sprawl: Growth or Metastasis?

    The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream │ Gregory Greene │ The Electric Wallpaper │ Canada, 2004 │ 00:51:43 │ English

    Sprawling suburbs of one-family homes and private cars were the chief sets on the stage of the American dream. Going back to a time when fuel was abundant and cheap, they gave rise to a lifestyle that has turned out to be increasingly unsustainable. What
  • round.jpg

    Roundtable discussions about public urban space in MFA

    25 de february - 11 March 2015 | Museum of Finnish Architecture

    The Museum of Finnish Architecture organized three roundtables which aimed to achive an in-depth look at the architectural reality Helsinki and discuss some successful initiatives promoted by the city's urban activists.

    Helsinki, Venue for the “Shared Cities” Exhibition

    4 February 2015 – 15 March 2015 | Museum of Finnish Architecture (Helsinki)

    An expanded version of the exhibition showing works presented for the 8th European Prize for Urban Public Space is to be opened on the occasion of the "Schools as Public Space” seminar.
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    "Architecture Day - Spaces in Between" in MFA

    3  february 2015 | Helsinki City Hall

    The Architecture Day, which marks Alvar Aalto’s birthday on 3rd February, was celebrated with an open seminar and the award ceremony of the prestigious Alvar Aalto Medal at the Helsinki City Hall.
  • Ekmenopolis.jpg

    The Global City or Infinite Urbanisation

    Ekümenopolis │ Imre Azem │ Kibrifilm │ Turkey, 2011 │ 01:33:26 │ Turkish > English

    If cities are a reflection of human society, what does Istanbul say about humans? What kind of city will future generations inherit? “Ecological limits have been exceeded. Economic limits have been exceeded. Demographic limits have been exceeded. So
  • UrbanScope01.jpg

    UrbanScope, the new audiovisual section of this website

    The website publicspace.org has just launched UrbanScope, an audiovisual section which offers a selection of documentaries on the values and challenges of the European c
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