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The section AgoraTXT offers a selection of articles on very wide-ranging urban matters. Signed by writers from very different geographical locations and disciplines, these texts seek to offer deeper reflection and debate on the values of and challenges faced by public spaces in European cities.
  • liffeyboardwalkdublin2_1_01.jpg

    Curating the City. The Changing Nature of Public Space

    Shane O'Toole


    "Public space has always been contested. But it is also open to different cultural readings at different times and in different places".
  • mistra_davidsimon2_1_01.gif

    The Value of Co-Design /Co-Production as a Methodology for Promoting Sustainable and Just Cities

    David Simon


    "There are diverse approaches to transdisciplinary co-production/co-design/co-creation, which all share the key features of deep and extended participation."
  • agora_09_porbska_01.jpg

    Walls, Barriers, Borders

    Ewa P. Porębska

    29/04/2016 10:54

    "After the fall of communism, we were first busy destroying hated monuments and spontaneously building the foundations of businesses; it was only later that we took up debates on quality, accessibility, innovation and the philosophy of space."
  • Opening of Rainham Marshes (London, United Kingdom, 2014), special mention of the European Prize for Urban Public Space 2014.

    Public Life on the Edges

    Ellis Woodman


    "The bucolic image of London’s historic parks is neither attainable nor arguably desirable in the public spaces of the periphery."
  • hans_ibelings_-_middle_ground.jpg

    Middle Ground

    Hans Ibelings

    22/04/2016 10:41

    “There is a European-wide consensus that public space contributes to the common good, and that the quality of public space can and does make a difference. This consensus is grounded in a very implicit yet fundamental belief in the values of democrac
  • heritaggge.jpg

    Public Space and Heritage or the Longevity of European Cities

    Teresa Navas Ferrer

    «Recovering the city’s most genuine values means not being able to dispense with the irreplaceable legacy we call heritage, which is one of the consubstantial vectors of European culture».
  • juulia_kauste_-_a_northern_perspective_home.jpg

    A Northern Perspective

    Juulia Kauste

    07/03/2016 13:00

    "The creation of indoor spaces for people to gather and the role of nature as an important part of shared space are two northern tendencies that respond to the opportunities that arise and the challenges we face today".
  • matev_elik_-_the_new_dynamics_of_public_spaces.jpg

    The New Dynamics of Public Spaces

    Matevž Čelik

    04/03/2016 10:13

    "Tensions between politics and public-space planning are being exceeded by the self-organization of citizens, social interaction and new ways of production".
  • peter_cachola_schmal_-_findings_home.jpg


    Peter Cachola Schmal

    26/02/2016 11:57

    "We wanted to highlight the importance of new activators to the urban fabric that were able to increase access for everyone to participate. Our findings turned out to be quite diverse"
  • dietmar_steiner_-_the_cccb_and_public_space_home.jpg

    The CCCB and Public Space

    Dietmar Steiner

    19/02/2016 11:40

    “In the early years of the European Prize for Urban Public Space, we sought helplessly for representative and innovative examples of public spaces and, now, in the last few years, we have been confronted by an urban movement that has spread througho
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